"Transforming Lives and Organizations"

- TJ Malamule

With over 15 years of coaching experience, TJ Malamule stands as a seasoned mentor who has mastered the art of driving personal and professional growth. As an esteemed member of the Top 100 Global Coaching Leaders, recognized in India for the past 5 consecutive years, and an award recipient for Africa’s Best Coach in Mauritius, TJ brings a wealth of expertise and accolades to the coaching arena.

TJ’s coaching methodology is founded on a unique blend of proven strategies and a deep understanding of human behaviour. He has a knack for connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries, creating a tailored approach to each coaching relationship. His ability to inspire, motivate, and guide individuals and organizations towards meaningful change is exemplified by the results achieved by clients from renowned companies such as KFC, VW, and Toyota. Some of TJ’s clients have shared their experiences, describing his coaching as “life-changing,” and crediting him with helping them achieve remarkable personal and professional growth. TJ Malamule is the catalyst for lasting transformation, a coach who not only delivers results but also fosters profound change. If you’re seeking a coach who combines expertise with a proven track record of success, TJ is the partner you’ve been looking for to elevate your life and organizations.

If you find yourself resonating with most of our clients, you’re undoubtedly a high achiever with aspirations for success in both your personal and professional realms. Your career demands are relentless, your family life can be exhausting, and you may occasionally grapple with feelings of underappreciation and frustration.

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at a sanctuary tailored for individuals of high performance, just like you. Here, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to delve into your emotions, unearth your authentic self, and unleash your fullest potential. TJ Malamule specializes in guiding high performers like yourself to achieve the results and fulfilment you desire in all aspects of your life.


Completely captivated!

“TJ Malamule gave a “WOW performance” at our annual HRD congress electrifying the audience with his insights on consumer behaviour and team performance. The sheer energy that he displays and his excellent use of presentation to visually communicate his thoughts keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. This was TJ’s second appearance at our summit, having been invited back because he received the highest rating by attendees of any speaker we have ever had. He did not disappoint!”
Dr R L Bhatia
Chairperson Global Human Resources Development Congress

Electrifying the audience!

“We hired TJ because we knew his presentation style and message would be a perfect fit for our audience, and wow, did he kick our conference off with a bang! Our attendees repeatedly tell me how much they connected with him and believed in his message. There’s no doubt his ‘Purple cow’ example will stick in our members’ minds for a long time to come. And to top it all off, He was so easy to work with — hire him!”
Imperial Bank Canada

Just do It

“If you’re considering hiring TJ to present or lead a workshop for your company or organization, or to provide consulting services, don’t even think twice just do it, hire TJ Malamule for results based content.”
Khathutshelo Mike Ramukumba