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Customer Experience (cx) Presentations

Whether  you want to inspire your team or need a speaker to add value for your conference with a touch of flair and humour, or you just want your team to sell more or you need to get your team to be more engaged with your clients TJ Malamule will out do your expectations with his keynote presentation at any day of the week.

His presentations speeches are divided into the following categories:

Leadership Presentations

Leading through crises

What is it to lead during crises? The keynote shares 10 traits of “Rockstar” leaders and how they overcome challenges.

TJ explores topics such as what is common about all these people in how they do their work? What makes it pure poetry?

This is shared with professional quality music, lights and engagement which create an enthralling and inspiring environment for all delegates present.

Duration: 40 Minutes

Adaptive resilience

Should life as we know it cease to exist, what we will become is based on how we perceive our reality. Each is linked to our perception of our current state of mind. How do you really envision your future? In this keynote, TJ takes you through the four possible scenarios of the new world and helps you shift your perception and build adaptive resilience to

  • create your own Key Insights
  • understand the four states of mind and what creates them
  • envisage which four scenarios society has the potential to create
  • learn how to shift your perspective and build adaptation towards a resilient society

Customer Experience (CX)

Stand Out
or Don't Bother

In a rapidly changing and disruptive world where life‘s ever increasing challenges force even the bravest individual into a state of fear and distress, here comes the voice of reason that transcends both change and chaos and has helped businesses and individuals LEAD in a chaotic world.

How do you stand out as a leader and make a lasting legacy, one that will outlive your pension in an organization? In this keynote TJ talks about the three undisputed qualities that make leaders stand out and perform to the optimum. He shares the latest research in organizational performance backed by Neuro Linguistic Programing content in a fun engaging way. Based on his latest book, this keynote was delivered to 13 000 delegates from 60 countries and was highly rated by all attendees.

Duration: One hour

What Your Customers Really Want… And How To Give It To Them

Talking about Consumer Behaviour Psychology

Why do some people choose to buy from you while others choose to go elsewhere? Understanding social trends is a critical part of your sales process and if you want to thrive and not just survive you need to be able to pinpoint exactly why your customers do what they do. In this thrilling presentation, global customer behaviour expert TJ Malamule will take you on a deep dive to reveal what your customers are actually thinking and feeling.

You will discover the hidden values and attitudes behind why they buy, understand trends that are quickly changing the consumer landscape, and learn from organizations, brands, and products that are embracing trends and change with spectacular results.

In the space of an hour, TJ will arm you with powerful tools your business can use to ride these same trends, attract more customers, and increase sales in ways your competitors simply can’t. New dynamics and fresh rules are creating new winners and losers every day.  Which will you be?

Sales Presentations

The Sell: The Secrets Of Selling Anything To Anyone

Lending personal stories, hilarious anecdotes, and the expertise he’s gained from his meteoric rise, TJ has researched the modern guide on becoming successful, this keynote that tells you how to recognize and cultivate your true talents and make the ultimate sell. From the importance of being your most authentic self to looking like a million bucks even if you don’t have a million bucks (yet!), he shows how intangible factors like personality and charm can get you noticed and make you shine. He also shares his tips and tricks for preparing, persuading, and negotiating so that in any of life’s dealings, you’ll come out a winner.

Whether you work on Wall Street or at Wal-Mart, aim to become the top seller at your company or want to impress a first date, The Sell will help you have more personal and professional success, lead a rich and fulfilling life, and have fun along the way

Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue

TJ and his team are helping companies double their new sales growth with a refreshing approach to outbound sales.

  • 3 fatal sales mistakes sales leaders make
  • How to build an outbound sales machine that can triple your pipeline
  • Why salespeople shouldn’t prospect
  • How to hire and grow the best kinds of salespeople
  • What it takes to create sales growth that scales
  • Attendees walk away with specific ideas & actions they can begin implementing the next day to begin increasing sales.