Team Building


Minute to win it

Based on the FUN popular TV show, this indoor program will show case how outspoken your team is. Teams will have to complete different games which will be shown on the screen. It is all about completing the game within 60 seconds, while teams are playing the game, there will be a big time on the screen with intimidating background music of the timer. Teams will be scored and after the event, teams will be given their score and the winning team. High energy, 30-45 minutes each, size 20 – 500 pax.


It is all about creative construction where teams are given 1 marshmallow, 20 spaghettis, tape and scissors and they have 20 minutes to build the highest free standing structure, with a short debrief video at the end. Moderate, 1hour it can also be included on the creative construction theme which would take about 1h – half day, 20 – 500 pax.


Teams will be sitting around their tables and only one person writing. The teams will have to answer a number of quiz questions such as slogans of different companies and brands, geography and history, brain bashers, music (e.g., we play a short song, and they give us name of the artist and song). High energy, Time 1 hour – 2hours, size 12 – 500 pax.